Before you begin…

Before you begin this 40 day journey please share with everyone why you are doing this and what you are hoping to get out of it. This may be a scary place to start sharing but you will be able to look back at your comment and see the progress you have made.

So, please leave your comments below as you begin – thanks.

If you want to remain anonymous – please feel free.



  1. Becca Olson said,

    I am doing this for myself to learn better ways to communicate with Brett. Our marriage is so important to me and I know I don’t show Brett that ALL the time. I focus most of my time and energy on the kids. I know that’s important to me as well, but I’d like to find a balance. I want to make more time for Brett and better use of the time I get alone with Brett. I know at this point the kids need me and my time but so does Brett. I know I want more time with Brett. Other than that I’m going into this with an open mind and heart and I can’t wait to find out what happens from here!

  2. Jessica Baker said,

    My family is so important to me. I strive to be the best Mommy that I can be. I want to be there for my children. And in doing that I am not always there for my husband. Who would do anything for me. I tend to put “us” on the back burner, and some days the burner is off. I want my husband to know how much I love him and appreciate him. And after watching Fireproof, I have tried to do these things more, and I think a 40 day walk with friends and our Lord will only strengthen me in the person I want to be for not only my kids, but for my husband, for God, and for me.

  3. Jeff Ertl said,

    After 23 years of marriage it is soooo easy to take Denise for granted. She has always been there for me and this is just one small way to return to her what she deserves. I couldn’t imagine my life without her and I am looking forward to doing this.

  4. Amy Stienessen said,

    I am doing the Love Dare book because I feel, like many, that marriages can be challenging at times. Our society is too quick to divorce and “move on” individually instead of turning our focus inward to the relationship. I also feel that only by allowing God into the relationship can a marriage truly be all that it can. Kids, jobs, friends, and other responsiblities can always become more important to me and I tend to believe that my marriage will just “be there” when I am done. But I am never done. And like all relationships, it takes committment and changes to grow and mature. I am looking forward to this and hope that my marriage can be strenghtened at its core through it. Thanks Paul for getting this going!

  5. Shelly Phillips said,

    I am doing the Love Dare book to help me become a better person overall. It will help with my marriage, my kids, and my work. It is so important to me that I stay connected with my husband Wayne, and we have had many changes in our life in the last few months. This is perfect for me to take sometime and step away from the crazy days and do something that will better me. I love my husband very much and like every other couple we have good days and bad days. It would be nice to see “many” good days. I want him to know how much I love him and this will help me to show it. I am looking forward to reading and doing the activities.

  6. Randy Moe said,

    I fall short in the area of marriage. I really struggle with the verse love your wife as Christ loved the church. Man alive do I fall short! Besides that I want to be a super stud to my wife she deserves it.

  7. Todd said,

    I am doing this as I realise I can learn much more about being a better husband. My wife means the world to me, and I don’t always show my appreciation as well as I should or could. I have been looking for a way to make our relationship grow beyond what it currently is.

  8. Jodi Johnson said,

    After 10 years of marriage we have come to a scary place where indifference has taken root. We take each other for granted and I am choosing to be the one to step forward and make a change. Our marriage is important to me and I am trusting God to replace the indifference with His love.

  9. paulgustafson said,

    I am on my second marriage and I pray that I have gotten rid of those things in my life that were issues of mine in my first marriage. However, in those prayers I have discovered that some things still remain – so let’s get rid of them and get to being close. Also, Jill has asked me to be the spiritual head of the house and truthfully I am not sure what that looks like. So begins the journey. I also want to make sure I have my priorities in place. Going into full-time ministry can be a challenge on a marriage – because it seems there is always more ministry to do. I want to be able to lead by example and it is tough to do that if you don’t live that. I want to honor Jill.

  10. Nikki Matheson said,

    Oh boy, where do I even begin? First and foremost, my marriage needs some help. I need to be able to put my husband first and be okay with that… right now it is always the kids, and I am not sure how to get around that, so I am looking very forward to this challenge of the Love Dare. We saw the movie last fall, absolutley loved it!! I knew before we left the theater, this is a movie I wanted to make sure we bought as soon as it was available. I also ordered the Love Dare books for us at the beginning of January. And as usual, WE have not found time to start them. So, thanks Paul, for the kick in rear we needed to get the best show on the road, the story of our LOVE and committment to God and each other for the rest of the days of our lives. I cannot imagine my life without Todd, but I also know that I take everyday with him right now for granted!!!

  11. Katie H. said,

    I’m doing this because I didn’t marry my husband, Michael, for the right reasons. Mostly I married him because it was easier than leaving him, which would have caused all kinds of hurt and I didn’t know how to face doing that to him. I cared for him enough that hurting him like that would have hurt me too, and so it was easier to just ‘go with the flow’. I could not, at the time, admit to myself that this is why I married him. We’ve been married for nearly a year, and over that year I have considered divorcing him several times because I know I married him for the wrong reasons, but my faith and my moral upbringing kept me here. Now I find myself ready to take the next step. We are talking about having kids, and I don’t want to bring them into a marriage of obligation, which could easily fall apart. A close friend recommended this book to me to help me learn to love Michael as I ought to have when I agreed to marry him. He deserves to have a Biblical wife, and I know that if I want a Biblical husband, I must learn to let God work in both of us, rather than try to ‘fix’ him and our marriage myself.

  12. K. Johnson said,

    I’ve had this book for awhile now, and I don’t know why I haven’t started it yet. I’ve only been married for a little over six months now. I want to do the Love Dare because I want to have the best marriage possible. I think the only way of achieving this is to do it the way God intended. My husband and I do a couple’s devotional everyday and pray together, not only at meals, but other times of the day as well. We also plan on attending a marriage conference this year. I want to take a proactive role in making my marriage the best marriage it could possibly be.

  13. Wayne said,

    Thanks for the invitation. May I use this time to Glorify God by loving my wife as he love us.

  14. Sandy said,

    Steve & I are doing it through my internship church. It’s awesome! Get this….our small group ranges from a couple who has been married for 27 years, to a couple that’s married for six months, to a couple that is actually divorced and are in the process of reconciling. We’ve only been at it for a couple of weeks but so far, so good! Not sure if you’re planning on doing the workbook or if you’re just going to do the Love Dare book. The workbook has some depth to it….we’re really enjoying it! : ) I would highly recommend it.

    • Karen said,

      Ah! You are doing something I had thought could be done with this book — a small group experience. How is it working to have couples doing it together? And what is the dynamic when marriages are in very different stages of development from more-or-less OK to meltdown?

      I thought it would be wise to have groups men and groups of women. That way, one member of the marriage team could be working through the 40 days without the other. The strength of The Love Dare is that ONE person can step forward to make the changes needed in the relationship.

      I would appreciate your sharing any experience you thing would be helpful in organizing a parish program.

      Many thanks!

  15. Tammy j said,

    I was given this link by a friend, I am interested in doing this to strengthen what I feel is already a strong marriage but I don’t want to take anything for granted. I feel my marriage is my life as is my spouse. I want to continue to be an example to other people we know in our life.

  16. Kelly said,

    To love another person in beautiful – to commit to a relationship bound in Christ is holy. I love Doug as my friend, my partner, my soulmate. This doesn’t mean the journey is always easy, but it means that we are committed to each other during the really good and the really down times. I am looking forward to bringing this relationship to another level with God at the center!

  17. Kara H said,

    I decided to do this to strengthen my marraige. I know the enemy has his eyes set to destroy marriages and families. I want to do my part to fortify what God has blessed me with, a marriage to the most wonderful man I have ever known. My husband does not know about this and I am wondering how long it will take him to realize I am doing it.

  18. Laura P said,

    We saw Fireproof at the movies and our church purchased the Love Dare book for all the married couples that went to the movie. We have 4 children and my husband works full time and has gone back to college (almost full time). Needless to say, our marriage is suffering from busyness and life. My husband is truly a blessing from GOD and I want to reconnect with him. I would like to grow closer than ever. We have been married for 13 years and together for 15 years. I know this will be hard and Satan will attack. However, I will be prayerfully doing this.

  19. Alicia Wernette said,

    Why did I decide to do the love dare? Because marriage has become something that is taken for granted. For better, not worse.
    In the last 8 months or so, my entire group of friends have devorced. The one still standing is talking of devorce. Last year I found myself in a place that I never want to be again. As a full time student and working constantly along with watching all of my friends discover their new-found freedom, I began to feel trapped. My focus was in all of the wrong places and I felt no attachment to my husband. I didnt want to be married anymore. Thank God for prayer and counsel from my mother. It took time but I realized that Im right where I belong. From then on I have had to make changes to avoid unhealy situations. Another reason I chose to do the love dare is because while my husband and I watched the movie Fire Proof I became emotional because the practice of the love dare is how my husband treats me everyday. It seems so easy for him. Im much more likely to lash out verbaly or forget to include him in my day to day life as my focus is nonexistant trying to get everything done that needs to be completed for the next day. I often leave him behind in my daily life. I trust that prayer along with the love dare as a tool, will help me learn to be the wife my husband deserves.

    • JillG. said,

      Your post was inspiring. Thank you for having the courage to share.

  20. Scott B said,

    I am taking this love dare because I need to be able to show my wife that she is the most important thing in this world to me.

    I know that my actions do not always show this to her. Sometimes I let other things come before her and although it is not what I mean to do, she takes a back seat.

    I hope that doing this love dare helps me to realize those times and helps me to discover new ways in which I can show my wife she is number 1 on my life.

  21. Sarah Schanus said,

    Christopher and I have been through a lot in our 18 years of marriage. We are very blessed to have each other and our 6 children with our oldest heading into adulthood.

    God has been very good to us and carried us through good times and tough times. There are times though that fatigue and my tendency toward being a BRAT causes me to be undesirable.

    My prayer is that my Brat-like ways will be decreased with this LOVE DARE.

  22. Jeremy Brown said,

    I have looked at the love dare and to be honest didn’t think it was the right thing for me at first glance. I thought to myself, Im not even married yet, why would I want to do this. Then I thought, Brita and I are going to me married this October and anything I can do to help strengthen us for our lifetime of marriage together is as meaningful as can be. Brita is the love of my life. She is my best friend. I don’t ever want her to feel like I take her our our marriage for granted

  23. Cheri Luhman said,

    Well, I am starting late but I am going to jump in!
    I want to do this for the simple fact that Tim deserves more than I give. He is awesome and I know I take that for granted. I love him with all of my heart and I want him to know that without a doubt!

  24. Kim Mezzenga said,

    I guess I didn’t read the directions carefully 🙂 My day day 4 posting should have maybe gone here. We have been married for 23 years. We were not walking with the Lord when we got married and resolving problems was not a, if at all, strong point with us. Since then we have both returned to the Lord but after so many years of disfunction….The Lord sometimes gives me a picture of marriage the way he created it. It is so beautiful and strong. I have hope because of His love, mercy, grace and forgiveness. I started out doing the book on a whim but I know I really fall short of showing him the attention and affection he desires and needs.

  25. Jim F said,

    Beth and I have been married for 20 years, and we have gone through alot of growth in our Christian life. I am deployed, and away from my family, I want to make sure that our bond stays strong. Beth sent me this link, and I wanted to maintain that connection as we spend the next year apart. Being apart really is more difficult on the spouse that is left at home, to pick up and maintain the life you are used to. I love Beth and she honored me by sending this to me. I am starting late and hope to have internet access enough to keep this up daily.

  26. Jim –
    Thank you for your service to our country! It is because of men like you that have made it possible for all of us to live safe and abundant lives. What a blessing that you can do this from where you are stationed.
    Please let us know how we can be in prayer for you and your family.

    God’s Blessings!

  27. Karen said,

    Hi, Y’all! If this is a duplicate post, I hope the moderators will strike the earliler one. I’m not sure my subscription had been activated when I originally posted. Here is why I am doing THE LOVE DARE:

    I have a pretty good and long marriage. We go through our daily lives in a rhythm and consistency like a pair of well matched draft horses. We live in the same barn, share the same fodder, and under our yoke, go about together, generally making our way through life. We have learned to clench our teeth rather than snipe when one of us swishes his or her tail in the other’s face or behaves in entrenched and predictable ways that drive the other nuts. One of my cynical observations is that a “good” marriage is one where both partners have a high [pardon my language] “ESF” (Eat You-know-what Factor).

    But marriage is a holy covenant, the condition of life to which we have been called by God to live out our baptismal promises under solemn vows. We are not called to endure marriage but to appropriate Christ’s desire for our lives: “That your joy may be complete.”

    I will use THE LOVE DARE is to pray through the 40 days of Lent on a journey towards God through my vows and to become for my spouse the unique partner God is calling me to be for him.

    • Misty said,


      I like your metaphor. I’ve never thought of it that way. I notice your post was a while ago. How did it go? I hope it worked out. Sounds like you had a good foundation to work off of.. I’m gonna think about your statement about ESF– it is something that I struggle with. I don’t take being disrespected or hurt well. I stand up for myself. This isn’t always a good thing- it definitely causes fights. But I struggle between being a good wife, trying to follow God and His ways, and becoming a door mat. Is there a line? Where is it and how much is too much? I hope that this book helps me look at things differently. Today is my first day. I’m gonna put my whole heart in it. But I must admit.. I’m worried about getting trampled more.

  28. Lola said,

    It is difficult for me to even begin this challenge. Part of me is bitter because I wonder why I am the only one doing the work to improve our marriage. I bought the Love Dare book almost 2 years ago as a gift for my husband, but I never gave it to him because I knew he would put it on the shelf and that would upset me even more. However, last night, after one of our worst arguements in months, I picked it up and decided to start. By myself. It is better to be happy than to be right. I will pray to God for him to help me open my heart and let go of this bitterness.
    Over the past 2 years or so, I have felt like I have lost my spirit, and this has turned me in to a person that I don’t want to be.
    I want to have a great marriage, for me and for my husband, and for our daughter, as well. We all deserve the best.

    • Anonymous said,

      God will help you. Turn to Him. Sounds like you hit your bottom. God is very powerful and will help you.

  29. annonymus said,

    I saw this movie and got interested in the book. I am not married but engaged, I believe that you can still do this now even if you are not married. Our engagement & relationship has been a rocky one and still is. I love him more then anything and want to do everything to make it work. I am the only one that is working to improve our relationship.

    He has cheated on me. Not physically but he posts ads up looking to hook up and watches porn. This has happened a few times and I have caught him each time. He says he would stop but he never does. He also tells girls he meets that we arn’t togtether. This has been going on for a while now.

    We barely ever fight but he says im controlling & that is what we usually fight about.

    I am doing this to try and save our relationship.

    Unfortunately day one I have failed twice so I am on attempt 3. Third time is the charm!

  30. Amanda said,

    I am starting this journey because my husband and I have been separated three times in the past five years and we have three children we have so much love we just need to know how to show it I want to make my marriage stronger and last forever.

  31. Amanda said,

    Ok so I’m doing this on my phone but I’m on the full site and it says to go ribeye link under recent posts on the right side of the screen but I can’t find it!

  32. beth garrison said,

    my husband and i wanted to do this together. we bought this while it was on sale at the family christian book store months ago. i want us to do the challenge so we can have a stronger marriage. we havent exactly been getting along lately either. we recently moved in with a friends mom. he’s going to start a job at halliburton soon to. i realise that it is intended for one spouse to do to the other without telling them that it’s part of the book but my husband paid for the book. everytime i bring up the subject of the challenge he gets mad and crotchedy and even mean sometimes. i know he wanted us to do this together but should i just go ahead do the challenge on him or what??

  33. Paul T. said,

    Hello my name is paul and I am 24. My wife and I have been married for about a year and a half now. We have a 2 year old son and life has been increasingly difficult over the last two years. In short, our relatonship has dwindled over the last year especially and now we are in seperation. About 8 days ago she told me that she no longer loves me and she no longer wants to be with me. So when this happened I decided to turn to the Love Dare. I am on day 9 now and these last 9 days have revealed so much to me about myself and exactly how selfish I have been with our relationship. Through growing in my relationship and reading this book it has been life changing.
    every day I read this book its a prime example of what we have gone through and are going through. but one thing is different through this all. With everyday that I read I constantly think about about my wife and I wish so much that she would just read it but she has no desire to. My question to all of you is do you think that as I continue to be obedient and show her my unconditional love for her that she would realize that I am not the same person and realize that I am back to the person she originally fell in love with. After watching the movie it hit really close to home and I know its a movie but do you think its posdible for her to turn around even though she has no interest?
    please help!

  34. Michele Mouton said,

    I have read that this book has been translated in 29 languages, but I cannot find the French translation. Can anyone help me find it?

  35. Misty said,

    Wow, how do I start? Seems like the question to answer is a loaded one- not really easily answered. I am doing this challenge because I feel like I am at the end of my rope. I don’t want to believe that my marriage is unsavable but I find myself sad daily because I fear I made a bad choice. When I got married, I truly believed it was forever. I married a man I thought I could grow with. However, things seem to have only gone down hill since we got married 6 years ago. I don’t know if we compliment each other well. Instead, it seems like we bring out the worst in one another. I- like others who have written on here- struggle with my bitterness and anger. Before I received my book I tried some things out in that the movie fireproof had. I was hopeful. (it didn’t last- he was responsive for a week and while I continued on he resumed being passive aggressive and hurtful). What I wish above all- is that it will work. I pray that love will find my heart again and that I can do something that will save/improve my marriage. Right now my faith is wavering and I’m really struggling. So I guess I’m doing this as a final hope because nothing else I’ve tried has worked. I can’t do this alone and he won’t help me so hopefully God is on my side and can work His miracles.

  36. I did the Love Dare two years ago. It began on Thanksgiving weekend ’09. My husband wanted to call off our marriage and had told another man at church that we were over. The man told my husband to talk to me – that I should not be surprised. So my husband told me on Thanksgiving weekend that he was considering a divorce, that he would make the decision in one month. By that time we had been separated for 11 months. I was shocked. I thought we would get back together for sure. That God would protect us. So I began the Love Dare. Serving my husband. Taking home-cooked meals to his mom’s where he was living. Taking him out to eat. But most of all praying to God that God would spare us. That He would help me. That He would help me be the best wife. I saw the things I was doing wrong in our marriage right then and there. I hit my bottom. Today we are still together. The holiday season is a very sobering time for me because this is the time Satan tried to officially end a marriage. Right during the anniversary of the birth of Jesus. Adding this entry to this blog is great for me because I get to tell everyone that God is very powerful. He can do anything. Against all hope, Abraham believed. Romans 4:18

  37. Judy said,

    After watching my life unfold before my eyes as I watched Fireproof, I knew in my heart that I would not be able to continue like I have been. I am not married yet, but engaged to Jim. I am doing this because I love him so very much. He watched about 75% of the movie with me and then walked out. He thinks that we don’t have a problem. He would think that…he is the one demonstrating the destructive behavior. I went to the store and bought TWO copies of the journal. I know that I am not perfect and if there are things that I am doing unconsciously to hurt him, I want to change that. I can’t expect him to do things unless I do them too. he doesn’t know that I am doing it too. I am only on Day 2. So far they have been easy because the dares are asking for behaviors that I am already demonstrating and have been for over a year. I pray to God that he is doing the book. My thoughts and prayers to everyone else here.

  38. Judy said,

    I will continue to do the love dares because i love my fiance very much. I have given up hope on him though. I gave him the book and even wrote in the book on the first page how important it was to me. The book is clear. it should not be taken lightly and should be followed daily. It doesn’t take much time. If a specific dare takes too much thought and you don’t know what to do….it’s because you don’t know your mate….you don’t know what makes them happy, what hurts them, what makes them laugh or makes them cry. out of 6 days….he did 3. other things were more important, taking care of others needs with no thoughts of my needs. The book has been easy for me because I demonstrated everything. I actually had to think hard about something on some dares but only because I was already doing everything else. I can’t make someone love me, i can make someone care for me and I can’t make someone respect me.

    But I can find someone else that will be willing to be a partner, recognize sacrifices made for them, and make some in return. The only person we should be submissive to is God.

  39. Dan said,

    Hello all,
    I found out about this book and the movie Fireproof last night. I prayed after comming to tears about how badly our marraige is and how badly I have tried to fix it on my own to no avail. We are on the brink of divorce. I want our marraige to be anew with God steering the ship and in our hearts. As lost as I feel right now and I do feel so lost, I bought the Love Dare book and the Fireproof movie today after going to church with my youngest son. Reading the first part made me realize how foolish and clueless about how our marraige has been over the years. I made so many mistakes. This book is so eye opening. I also gave my wedding ring to a jewlery store to have it resized so I can wear it again. I am a guy by the way, not that it makes any difference. I read the first day 15 times over and as my wife is out of town it seemed even harder to start today. I did it though. It was harder than I thought it would be and I knew it would take alot to do it right. I am now done with day 1 and I did not use one negative although I really had to bite my tongue a few times. After the short phone conversation I felt so alone and sick to my stomach. Please pray for us. I wish someone would of given this to me the day we were married years ago. I will follow the book as described as I am a believer that God does help.
    I don’t know what to do when she comes home on Friday. I am wondering if I should ask her if she wants to watch the movie or not.
    Again please pray for us

    • said,

      Did you watch the movie together?
      I left Dean. I love him but left (we are not married)
      He begged me to come back. I told him about the movie and Dean watched the movie three times before it hit him how he was humiliating me with watching porn going to strip clubs and running around town with other women.
      We are back together and he now comes to church with me and we are getting married in October.
      I’m on Day 30 not sure where he is in the book. (It takes along time because some chapters I don’t understand and sometimes it take me more than a day to accomplish them)
      I still have BIG fears of the future and where he is at times. But at 50 years old…. really what’s out there for me?

  40. DianaCE said,

    I was contemplating moving out, if I had reacted more impulsively I would’ve actually done it. Not divorcing but, maybe by separating we could somehow figure out what to do. 80% of me was ready n wanting to quit. A friend I confided in had recommended this book a couple weeks ago and Sunday when i was ready to leave I decided to watch the movie. Then I downloaded the book. Finally here I am Day 4.
    What I want from this is peace and personal growth. I was fed up w his selfishness, how everything I did had to somehow revolve around him or he was unhappy. I had become very sad because the person I truly am has been closeted slowly over the last 5 years. All the quirky fibers that make up my being get controlled and manipulated all the time. I feel I’ve lost myself.
    I hope this love dare will help me find myself again. I’m not perfect and I know I need work too. At the end of all this I hope to KNOW whether I should stay in this marriage or not. After all, it could be ME that needs to change and I just haven’t seen it…

  41. crystal pippin said,

    Jimmy and I are not married yet, we are engaged. I love jimmy with all my heart, and though we started the love dare almost three monthes ago, we have gotten side tracted. We struggle a lot, our three week old son passed away in late june, and I am trying to get my daughter back from the state, so we really get stressed a lot and are going threw tough times…jimmy and I have been together for a year and a half and he really is a great guy. I really don’t wanna loose us because of lifes circumstances so I’m going to start my journy all over again, and love jimmy for all we are worth with the help of god. So let my new journey begin…

  42. JoAnn said,

    I want to do the love dare on my husband because I truly love him. We’ve been married 16 years and have had two daughters. Our 13 year old passed away 6 months ago and since we’re not doing well at all. We’re on the verge of divorce actually. I just want to show him how in love with him I am. He’s a wonderful man, a good Christian and a great daddy.

    • Dan said,

      Dear JoAnn,

      I have lived though many difficult marraige issues including the possibility of Divorce. God Hates Divorce. The beginning of my path and the path of our rekindling of our Marraihge started with the book. I had to initiate it myself and by myself. I had to look at my actions. I had to focus on how far I had fallen away from God. How I had turned my back on Him…I built my marraige on sand and had to learn how to build it on rock. It was not an easy fix by any means. It has been very hard. After reading the book I immediatly was smacked in the face to the reality of how I had lived my life…I do understand unbearable pain….
      I cannot begin to understand what it is like to lose a child. I would recommomend a very strong Christian Counselor. I have no bones in saying to be very carefu on the choice of councel you get. Alot of them are athiests. There is another aspect of this. The evil one is having his day right now…………………Our Lord Jesus Christ has already defeated him…………………I had to find Our Lord Jesus Christ. I am stil on that journey and it has been very hard. My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family. The evil one wants carnage…………I learned that I have free will. That miracles happen every day in the struggles of marraige. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the only one I could ever turn to for help. The book was the beginning of a very long journey that I am still on…….God Bless you and I pray that your marraige makes it through all of the struggles.

      Our Father Who Art in Heaven
      Hallowed Be Thy Name
      Thy Kindom Come
      Thy will Be done
      On Earth as it is in Heaven
      Give us this day our daily bread
      And forgive us our trespasses
      As we forgive those who trespass against us
      And lead us not into temptation
      But DELIVER US from evil AMEN

      I will Pray for you…………………………………………One Day at a time, one minute at a time. I learned that God must come before all and the rest will fallinto place. This has been my experience…….Again, God Bless you and do not fallinto despair. The evil one thrives on that!!!! Our Lord jesus Christ is HOPE and DIVINE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Mike Edmunds said,

    Praise God! Hello everyone. My name is Mike, and I am reading/doing LoveDare because the love of my life, Rayshelle, wanted to experience it together after hearing from a friend of ours how great the journey was. I am not bringing any expectations into reading the book, but I am looking forward to the dialogue that Rayshelle and I will have together and adventure of sharing our thoughts, questions, and insights from the daily reading. Prior to buying the book, I had never heard of it, so I am also looking forward to seeing what the buzz is about. As with most books, I will enjoy the new vocab and ways of expressing God’s love manifested in daily life.

  44. josephine said,

    My name is Josephine am doing this because my husband and i went and are still going through a very tough time, we fight daily and it has been weigh us down. i am doing this to rekindle our love, to make him feel loved and appreciated and so that we can have the future we have always wanted.

  45. Mach said,


    I was with my ex-fiance for 6 years. We had some rough patches and very good times together. We had grown into each at young (19 years). We were crazy about each other. Thats when we God played an important part in our relationship. We used to pray together and go to church together, look back now we were so strong together. Then after 3 years I transferred jobs in the military and she fell pregnant to me. Until just before I completed my training we lost our child at 4 months. We were both hurt and angry. I turned away from God and began to change. I lost confidence in ever having a family with her.
    After that we got relocated and from here I began to be very selfish in many ways, I still loved her and cared for I was there for her no matter what. But the environment I was in at work lead my desire astray.
    My father was aware what was going on and so he gave me this book the love dare. To my great regret I rejected his gift and thought I could handle this in my own way. We continued to struggle as a couple which lead to a temporary split.
    We split for about 2 months, we got together just before I got deployed to Afghanistan. I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to be a selfish partner again. We became once again strong.
    Multiple incident occur during my tour, lots of lives were getting lost and I was actively involved in most of the incidents affect us.
    During my R&R, I proposed to her. We got engaged. I proposed to a beautiful window seat outside of St Wolfgang Church Austria. The most memorable moment of my life.
    I returned back to Afghanistan things were beginning to once again revert back to my old self but only having the desires for living on the edge. Coming back home and to her, things were fine, she was planning for us to get married but my mind was still in the desert. I kept push our plans away for us to marry all the time. She was deeply affect and did;nt understand why.
    I had a lifestyle on edge there and coming back to normal life was out of place for me. I needed help but was too selfish to put my hand up.
    I made a lot of irrational decision which affected me and her. Despite all that she still stood by my side. Until end of last year I had enough I was continuing to be selfish and I didn’t want her life to go down with me. I once again walked away from the relationship. I went away for 3 months to get my head clear and I always maintained constant communication with her. I wanted to work things with her , she was confused and didn’t trust me. We had some time together going to the movies and having dinner together but she still was confused. We agreed to spend sometime not see each other but still in contact. I wanted to get back together with her but I didn’t know how.
    then looking through all my things I found the love dare book. I took it and read the first page at first i refused once again to read it as I thought it was designed for married couples etc. then 25 days ago I read it again and l was intrigued from the message. So I started to follow it and take up the dare. As I am going through the days, I realised that I knew nothing about relationship and not having God part of us lead to our downfall. Now I have regained my belief in God and wanting to work things with her. She is still very much angry,upset,confused. But I know now that if it wasn’t for this experience I wouldn’t of had the opportunity to get to now Christ and the union between man and woman. Now I am about to leave the military for good as the beginning to make good changes and leave the old life behind me. I am getting counselling. I want to make the positive change now.

    I left her now for her to make up her mind and told her if she ever needs me that I will be there for her. She knows that I want us to be together, I remain hopeful and will continue the Dare as I know it has made me a better person and hopefully one day she will realise.


  46. Shannon said,

    After 8 years, several split ups, a divorce, cheating, I got her to to come back to me. We haven’t gotten remarried yet and it’s been just over a month that she’s been back. I’ve treated her badly in the past…done horrible things. I watched Fireproof and was immediately overcome with sadness at the way I had been treating her over the years. I made a commitment to myself to change…and started going back to church and taking this seriously. She’s currently talking to another guy that whe was with while we were separated and has told me how good he treated her and how he was never like me….this hurts. I will continue this even though she’s told me that she is leaving in November…which is over 60 days away. I’m really hoping this works…I’m going to take it to the end.

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